25 April 2008

Random Photos

Here are some interesting things I've seen recently:

This happy fella was my chicken sandwich from Chik-Fil-A. What's great is that I totally did not mean to make a smiley face with the honey mustard.

I made this miraculous likeness of the Blessed Virgin Mary during, of all things, Doctrine of God class. It's made from three twisted-together mini-York peppermint patty wrappers.

This is the sign currently displayed at the Burger King next to our apartment complex. Note the misspelled "Steakhouse" and the hand-drawn "R" in "Burgers."

18 April 2008


So there was an earthquake in Illinois this morning, a 5.2 magnitude quake that I felt this morning about a minute after I lay down to go to sleep. I was lying there when I felt a gentle rocking feeling from the bed, as if someone were at the end of it pushing and pulling for about fifteen seconds. It wasn't anything severe or intense, but it was enough to make me wonder What's going on here? The thought of an earthquake crossed my mind, but I didn't think there were any fault lines around here. My first candidate for an earthquake was the New Madrid Fault in southeast Missouri, the one that was supposed to be "the big one" like twenty years ago but hasn't done anything yet.

Did you feel it?

This is my second earthquake, but the first one I actually felt. The first was in India, when the Sumatra earthquake sent the tsunami that killed more than 200,000 people. We were sleeping when it was felt in India.

05 April 2008

Thanks a lot, Skybus . . . Jerks.

I am committed to speaking at a week of high school camp this summer (where one Jarod Anderson is the dean), and I was all set to fly, round trip, from Columbus, OH, to Kansas City, for $90. How could I accomplish this feat? Skybus, a budget airline that offers really cheap tickets if you book way early.

The only problem now? Skybus announced yesterday that their last day of operations is today. Something about rising fuel costs, blah blah blah. Yeah - they're done, and they are encouraging customers like me who lost money to contact their credit card companies to apply for a refund. They won't even issue the refunds themselves!

So now I have to figure out how I'm going to get to Kansas City and back this June. I really don't want to cancel. So Jarod and Laura, this is probably news to you. We'll figure something out.