08 August 2007

A Reductio Regarding Condom Distribution in Schools

Does this really help kids become sexually responsible?

If the proper response to "they're going to do it anyway, so we might as well equip them to do it safely" is condom distribution, then couldn't we also say...

  • "kids are going to binge drink anyway, so we should teach them the proper use of a beer bong and how to call a taxi when drunk."

  • "kids are going to smoke anyway, so we should buy them the cigarettes while warning them against the dangers of smoking."

  • "kids are going to smoke weed anyway, so we distribute water bongs and let them smoke it in the privacy of our home."

See what I mean? It's a total defeatist attitude that communicates to teenagers Here, we don't know what else to do, so we give up and hope you at least don't get a STD or get your girlfriend pregnant. It encourages irresponsibility and gives a green light to promiscuity.

"How can it encourage irresponsibility when it seems to do the opposite?" you may wonder. Condom distribution encourages irresponsibility because it encourages indulging one's sexual desires outside of the proper context of marriage.

"Now you're just a religious nutjob, with all that 'sex is for marriage' junk." I saw you coming, you worthless ad hominem. And I refer you to the following statistics regarding premarital sex.

Am I therefore saying "take all the condoms away, teach abstinence only, and cross our fingers?" Not necessarily. Kids are kids; therefore, they are stupid. We probably do need some measures to minimize stupidity-induced damage, but both the condom distribution method and the abstinence-only method fail in one substantial way: they treat behavior, not the heart and the will. They address the symptoms, but not the root cause of the problem.

Parents, youth ministers, churches - this is where you come in. Please model sexual propriety and please talk about sexuality with your kids. Christians in particular have a huge obligation to do this. Most importantly for them, provide every opportunity for your children to deepen their faith and enjoy meaningful learning, worship, and fellowship with other Christian youth.

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