17 November 2007

Oh, Dear - Oh, Deer! (And Trees)

I saw this the other day...kind of weird. There were two cars stopped on the side of Miami Road, some broken pieces of plastic on the shoulder. And a deer standing there, motionless, watching the whole thing. I guess someone hit the deer (it was holding its leg up) but not enough to do much damage either to the deer or the car. The cops came (the black SUV), and I drove by before I saw the aftermath (which probably will result in some tasty deer jerky for someone).

And I saw this tree at the park where I usually start my running routes. The color is amazing. Thank you, Father, for making your creation more beautiful than it needs to be.

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Jourt said...

Hey! Thanks for your encouragement regarding the workshop at the convention! It was good to see you and Heidi there; wish I could have talked to ya'll for a bit. But I understand that there was a lot going on. Yeah; I hear ya on the racing fees. That's kind of crazy. I can't believe we actually pay to run, heheh. How far is the Jingle bell run? That sounds like fun! Maybe I'll have to check it out...