09 May 2009


Here are a few random things going on here lately:

  • In six days, I will be a Master of Divinity. (I think the title is a bit of an overstatement of my actual grasp on divinity)
  • I'm looking forward to visits from family this week.
  • I wish I knew what I was going to do after graduation career-wise. Right now, I have no clue where we'll be. I love to teach, and I love the church, but it's a huge decision and a slow process.
  • I want to run another marathon. I'm seriously looking at Indianapolis in October. "Flat and Fast" they say. I like that.
  • If we're still in Cincinnati (or within 100 miles or so) next year, I might want another crack at the marathon. If you have read about my experience on facebook, then you know it won't be hard to prepare better (at least the day before).

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