03 February 2015

Here's to a better year

So I only blogged three times last year.  I have no explanation for it other than I don't have a lot of free time, and the time I do have I want to spend doing other things.  Maybe I should kill this blog, put it out of its misery.  When I write, I feel compelled to write, not necessarily inspired to write, and that makes it sometimes feel like a burden more than a joy. 

I need to seriously assess whether I want to continue having a blog or not.  I obviously don't make it a priority.  But what if I did?  Would anyone notice?  Is it worth the time to add my small voice to the ubiquitous chorus of whiny bloggers out there? 

So here's the plan.  I can either take this blog a little more seriously, and seek to write at least once a week, or I can just kill it.  It needs direction - right now I write about whatever I want, so there's no focus and it's random.  It needs thought - a blog can be a great place to test out ideas that might become a lesson, sermon, or book some day. It needs audience - what's the point if no one reads it?  Why put it out there for the world if the whole world just walks on by?  If I'm just writing stuff to get ideas out of my brain, why not just do it in a Word doc that no one ever sees?

Sorry to be so existential and angsty.  I want this year to be better in many areas of my life, and knowing what to do with this blog will help me have a small win in that journey.  Here's to a better year this year.

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