18 May 2012

Provocation for the day

"[People] don't deny objective truth when it comes to sticks and stones, only when it comes to morality.  And even in morality, they don't deny objective truth about good and evil when it comes to anything else but sex.  They don't defend rape or pillage or slavery or oppression or theft or nuclear war or embezzlement or racism – or even smoking!  But they defend divorce and fornication and masturbation and contraception and abortion and sodomy and bestiality and bisexuality and cross-dressing.  'Anything goes' is their morality if and only if it has anything to do with sex.
            For instance, they don't defend murder, except murder in the name of sex.  That name is 'abortion,' of course.  If abortion had nothing to do with sex, we could never have sold it.  If storks brought babies, there would be no Planned Parenthood.  Abortion is backup birth control, of course, and birth control means the demand to have sex without having babies."
- Peter Kreeft, How to Win the Culture War, 75-76

     Understand a few things about Kreeft: 1) He is Catholic, so his stance on birth control is stronger than many other Christians', 2) The chapter from which this comes is a chapter written from the perspective of demons, and is presented tongue-in-cheek-but-serious-about-the-truth by Kreeft (which is why it speaks of "they" [humans] and "we" [demons]), and 3) though harsh, there is a lot of truth to his words.  Those who tend to be pro-choice tend to favor a hands-on approach from their government in nearly every area of their lives but their sexuality (think abortion and gay marriage), which makes certain attempts at ridiculing pro-life ethics ironic: they say, "no big government" when it comes to abortion.       
     Pro-lifers understand the "no big government" notion, but apply it to most other things some people want the government to do, which is laughed at by liberal politicians.  WHY don't they want "big government" when it comes to abortion?  "Because it's MY body; I should do what I want with it."  Substitute "taxes" for "abortion" and "money" for "body," and you've just summed up a conservative view on taxes.  
     What I'm saying is that pro-choicers are very conservative in their thinking on abortion...to a point.  Pro-choicers don't care what the human life inside the pro-choice woman would think about that logic.  In their thinking, it seems, because the baby can't speak up, s/he can be killed.
     Try to make it about women's health.  Try to make it about an alleged choice.  Try to make it about the pregnant lady.  Those aren't the real deciding factors.  Abortion will never cease to be about the baby.

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