10 August 2012

Rainbows, shirts, and resurrection of the dead

This evening, it rained, something we desperately needed.  The rain was short-lived, unfortunately, but the sudden breakthrough of sunshine created a beautiful, complete rainbow, the third I've seen since we moved here in March. Michael and I sat on the front step and talked about the rainbow, its meaning according to Scripture, and things related to VBS, which was Michael's first.

Today's VBS theme was "sad news, glad news," and the lesson taught about Jesus' death (sad news) and resurrection (glad news).  Michael mentioned the crown of thorns and how it was sad news.  He then asked why the "bad guys" took off Jesus' shirt and "put marks on him" and "died him on the cross."  [Can I just take this moment to say how amazed I am at how much Michael is learning and growing?  He's very observant and wants to know about everything.  It's so fun to watch!]  

I answered the question about them taking off Jesus' shirt by saying that the bad guys wanted to hurt Jesus and embarrass him; that's why they took off his shirt.  I asked him what the glad news was.  He thought for a second and said, "God put his shirt back on."  (In the illustrations of today's lesson, Jesus rises from the dead dressed in clean clothes.)  I love it; if the taking off of his shirt symbolized the "bad guys" trying to hurt and embarrass Jesus, God putting Jesus' shirt back on him symbolized God restoring Jesus' honor, and vindicating his death.  Not that Michael meant all that, but I'd like to think that if he had the words, that's what he meant.

I love those moments in life when you can hear your child say something about Jesus and you can say, "That's right."

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